Krome acoustic piano sounds beautiful in the right hands

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upside down keyboards

“..Gray, who has worked with Stevie Nicks, Purple Rain, James Brown, Sly Stone, and Stevie Wonder, said ‘I flipped my keyboard forwards, and then, when I did my solo, I got the same reaction as the guitarist now..”  -Cat Gray, TV stage keyboard player

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Limited time: Korg Krome book plus 60 days free support only $19.99!

korg_krome_book_cover_promo_web_largeThanks to all who have purchased the first Krome book. If you haven’t ordered yet, for a limited time the introductory price is only $19.99  and includes a full 60 days of personal email support! The book offers several project courses, so it’s more than just a book; it’s a training course!


If you’re the type of person who loves to learn step by step, with super simple explanations, then this is the book for you. It is written for ALL users, young and older, rookie or pro. If you are serious about making your musical ideas reality, then you owe it to yourself to learn your investment. You too can COMMAND the Krome.

Commanding Korg Krome Vol 1 Now Available!

The first of several volumes in the Commanding the Korg Krome series is done. For now you can purchase it by clicking the BUY NOW button in this article (open this article to see it). I will email you the book within an hour or so of purchase . The book is 70 pages with graphics in 8×11 format so in a regular sized book it’s more like about 150 pages. Open this article to get an excerpt and read the table of contents. Continue reading

Pattern recording on the Korg Krome

What are your thoughts? Is the RPPR feature useful? How do you use it?

Using your Krome as a MIDI controller

The Krome makes a fairly good MIDI controller for computer DAWs. Recently I kept running into the issue though where the keyboard was playing both internal VST sounds AND its own sounds. Grrr. This should be a simple operation in which you turn off the keyboard’s local control feature so it only plays sounds of external MIDI instruments. Problem was, I couldn’t find the LOCAL ON/OFF switch in the Krome. So I looked it up in the manual. It’s hidden well and requires multiple menus to locate. Press GLOBAL button, followed by PAGE button, followed by P1 MIDI soft button, then UNCHECK the LOCAL CONTROL ON button. Done.

Krometastic Combi Contest – Join in!

Up for a contest? Create the biggest, most awesome, interesting, useful and musical combi you possibly can, post a link to a 10 second clip of it in the comments of this post by June 15, then I will post a poll for people to vote the winner. Winner gets bragging rights and a fabulous prize courtesy of KromeCity! Good luck!

40 minutes of Krome improv

Check this guy out. 40 minutes of groovy, esoteric, out there improv on the Krome. The Krome must have been totally wiped after this workout. Interesting stuff. Musicians are so weird. And we’re proud of it, too

Excuses, excuses

I know, I know, I am a terrible blogger and a terrible person. I apologize for both. I started a new job and it totally took me out of the blogging mix and off my Krome book project. But today I announce my return to finish what I started. Thanks for hanging around. The book is not far from done. Stay tuned.

Commanding the Korg Krome Book status

book_cover_promo_web_largeThe book is about a week out from completion! I think it will be of great service to many Krome users. While I have loads of nits with the Krome, I am very impressed with its sequencer timing. It is very tight like an MPC and I constantly find myself bobbing to the beats I am making on it. The swing quantization is also superb. Combine the timing with some very cool programs and arps and Krome is a totally competent beatmaking tool.

The only problem I see at this juncture is the hiccup that occurs between songs when using CUE LIST to create song sections–even when effects are turned off. Not good. Good thing Continue reading