Commanding Korg Krome Vol 1 Now Available!

The first of several volumes in the Commanding the Korg Krome series is done. For now you can purchase it by clicking the BUY NOW button in this article (open this article to see it). I will email you the book within an hour or so of purchase . The book is 70 pages with graphics in 8×11 format so in a regular sized book it’s more like about 150 pages. Open this article to get an excerpt and read the table of contents.

This is a classroom in a book with step by step project instruction. By the time you complete you’ll be able to record your song in the Krome and take advantage of its drum patterns and arpeggios. It covers both concepts and editing/arranging operations that

are crucial to understanding the Krome. If you’re looking to get up and running QUICK with Krome recording (and actually know what you’re doing), this is the book for you!

Covers all recording methods the Krome has to offer so you can choose the one that works best for you.

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