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  1. Hi I am Haresh Patil from India(Mumbai) – I got my KROME in November 2012. after two shows i found its good enough for me. This one is the first machine i use now. According to me it has good sounds for the live….i am learning its operating…like hoe to make loop recording…Can i get more videos on youtube where i can learn more & more about my machine in the better way….Thanks.

    • Hello Haresh i bought krome 73 keys today though i dont know enough of this machine how iam going learn making music or song or how i can be good of this machine can anyone help me with this KROME iam first time useing this machine need more help

      please contact me

  2. anybody know how to switch quickly between combi’s and programs? I cannot figure out how to save the two on the same list… to allow for large orchestra passages followed by shredding leads.

    • Charles Lynden

      Your Question – anybody know how to switch quickly between combi’s and programs? I cannot figure out how to save the two on the same list… to allow for large orchestra passages followed by shredding leads.

      My Answer: Making you own sequence of events. Try first selecting the Bank or Combi you want to use then use the upper right drop down and select Auto Song Setup and OK this will move the Bank or Combi information into the Sequencer ‘S000: New Song’ unless you already have used the sequencer, In this case it will be loaded into the next vacant New Song Cue. Press the Stop Circular mark button on the Sequencer on the right side on the keyboard to shut down the record logic, and press the Red [Rec] touch button on the screen, test that the Bank or Combi was properly transferred. Repeat the procedure for the complete sequence of events you desire to have in your orchestration. Once you have all your event transferred. Select the first ‘Sxxx: New Song’ event that you transferred and play when you desire the second event select the next song event. Have fun….

      Now if you satisfied remember to save your work to the SD card.

  3. Mercy Devereaux

    i am a composer. i exclusively use step record due to health conditions. on the triton i set a time signature and it remained. some fool designed the m3 and also the krome to set back to 4/4 time signature at the end of the measure. how do you set the time signature to 3/4 and have it remain that way until if and when i desire a change. having to change the time signature each and every measure is a pain in the arse and is impossible if i tie to the next measure. it seriously inhibits my capacity to compose. help. someone….. anyone.

  4. Hello, I have just purchased a Krome, it was an open box item, but all seems to be in good shape.
    I have noticed that 5th octave D, only on grand piano sound, seems to be a bit louder than all of the other notes, I’ve checked with out through both headphone jack and through the other outputs as well.
    Any way to adjust this, or is there an authorized Korg repair center where I need to send this?
    It’s not a show stopper, but it is rather irritating.

  5. How can I utilized a drum fill in combo mode for the Korg Krome?

  6. Somebody else ask how to ask a question on this site … so, how?

  7. Just a note might help to sell your book if you had a index of chapters available.

  8. Just ran into a problem on my Krome tried adding the default ARP on A000 and to my surprise I had note collision. Appears that Korg has set the Arp to play on the same track as the keyboard. Simply try playing the C Chord just left of middle C with Arp on (I used the latch mode) had to turn the velocity down on the Arp P7 to 55 to hear the melody. Then I played C D E F G and few times and ended up with a dead note when the Arp collided. Emailed Korg all I got was reset the keyboard using page and exit on power up, didn’t help. Replied and have heared nothing from them. Looks like a manufacturers defect.

    Talked to Guitar Center where I purchased on line with take the unit to the local dealer (that does not carry Korg),

    While I was looking into the problem I thought I check to see if the Oscillators were working in Bank A 0000 Grand Piano. I found that if I separated the oscilators (uisng P1 note-on Scale I set Osc 1 to the left side of the keyboard and Osc 2 to the right side of the keyboard) there is no sound on the right side of the keyboard.

    I also tried this problem with A001 and A002 with the same result. Used the feature 0n P1 Note-On/Scale Separating Osc1 to C-1, B3 and Osc2 to C4, G9.

    Noted on A000 P1 Note-on Scale I could change the Mode from key+Damper to Key I could get some sound out of Osc2. Also noted that P2 Osc2 Level was set to 24 increased and sound level to 71..

    Reported this to Korg and recieved no response.

    Reported this to Guitar Center and they wouldn’t investigate simply told me to take the unit in to one of their dealers that doesn’t sell Korg.

    To this date I would say if you buy Korg or the Guitar Center don’t expect any help from their service department – they appear to be into Korg for the Money. Still have to admit the Korg has great sounds but many hidden defects.