Commanding the Korg Krome Book status

book_cover_promo_web_largeThe book is about a week out from completion! I think it will be of great service to many Krome users. While I have loads of nits with the Krome, I am very impressed with its sequencer timing. It is very tight like an MPC and I constantly find myself bobbing to the beats I am making on it. The swing quantization is also superb. Combine the timing with some very cool programs and arps and Krome is a totally competent beatmaking tool.

The only problem I see at this juncture is the hiccup that occurs between songs when using CUE LIST to create song sections–even when effects are turned off. Not good. Good thing you can turn the cue list into a song—— although iI’m finding that when you create a song from a cue list your gain/pan settings are not retained..?

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