Is the Krome right for YOU?


I keep getting this question so I thought I’d respond in a blog for all prospective buyers. First, make sure you check out the FAQ we have posted on this site. It will give you a great deal of Krome insight.  So who is the Krome for? Given the cheap plastic casing, flimsy key bed, and lower fidelity audio engine, it seems to me the Krome was designed for a home project studio musician who: 1) does not have a lot of experience using keyboard workstations; 2) will not be transporting the board a lot; 3) does not demand high quality audio engine; 4) has no need for user samples.

Just my opinion, but I think it’s probably fairly accurate. While on PAPER the Krome looks like a BEAST, in practice it is not, compared to an upper end keyboard like the Kronos or Motif. Sure, you can make music with it, and yes someone with decent editing and mixing experience could make a semi pro song with it, but for serious, professional work there are better options. That’s just the truth of the matter.

As a composing tool, as a sketch pad, as a rompler to augment a professional sound library, as a MIDI controller for those who don’t need high quality key bed, as a pop music beat-making tool, the Krome will be useful. For those who demand the best, they will be disappointed. This is not a board for keyboard maniacs, this is a board for enthusiasts.

Our interest at Krome City is using the Krome as a songwriting tool. That is the focus of our first book, and the book does an excellent job of showing how to leverage the Krome in that way. In our opinion there is nothing to stop you from writing a full song with the Krome, recording it to a computer, adding vocals and selling it on, e.g., iTunes or shopping a demo around.  Will it sound radio ready? Depends on your mixing engineer and mastering skills . There are people who could make a Krome only song sound BIG, but most people do not have the skills and experience. Then again, an amateur could make a Motif XF sound bad, too, so it really does come down to experience.

All this said, we recommend the Krome to aspiring producers and songwriters who are looking for a low cost songwriting or sound library solution with an average sounding audio engine. We think that is the musician the Krome will appeal most to. Some have said our outspoken opinions about the key bed and build quality are turning people away from the Krome. That might be true, but we’re only turning people away who would end up bringing the keyboard back anyway, costing retailers (and Korg) money in the long run. The type of person the Krome is intended for will not be put off by a cheap key bed or plastic build. They accept the trade-offs for the lower price. That’s how it works.

In summary, the Krome is a nice starter keyboard for those just getting interested in producing or a great little composing tool for those with more experience. It will also do a decent job on the stage too….  if handled with extreme care.


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