Oops: Early hardware problems for Krome?

korg krome touch screen error
At least three different people have posted to the Krome forum reporting error messages on the Krome’s screen. At least one person is reporting an irremediable error: System error id : 216 Task id : 1 line : 0124 //source/hardware/T01PCMMemory.cpp. Check the attached image of his touch screen. See that little white patch? That’s the error message. Notice the progress bar has stopped at about 5%. This is not a good sign (especially for a guy who lives in Switzerland Sweden who bought his Krome in Germany). Hopefully Korg has a hot fix for this issue.

korg krome screen error

14 Responses to Oops: Early hardware problems for Krome?

  1. Yeah hopefully there’s an easy fix for this somehow. :/ Thanks for helping getting it out there!

    (I’m from sweden, by the way. 😉 )

  2. Does this mean no more Krome City? Are you getting a replacement? Korg aren’t known for their brilliant customer servcie but I do hope they sort it out for you! Any idea why this happened?

    • I have no idea why it happened. One day I just couldn’t start it. So the only thing I could do was to hold down the PAGE and EXIT button while powering it and in that way restoring it. Not even that works, same error message.

  3. Krome City goes on regardless. Suffice to say I haven’t had any issues with my Krome…. yet.

    • Hopefully you wont have any issues either!
      I called Thomann today, and I gave them the link to this website and they sent this page to their synth department. We will see what they say…

      • Any word back from Korg yet?

        • Haha, no, no reply from them.
          But I contacted Thomann, they contacted their synth guys and they just told me to send it back to them. So I sent the Krome back to Germany, and they sent me a new one. So I got the new one today actually!

          • Robert Blumenthal

            I just had to take my Korg Krome back to the dealer after 2 months. I got an error message that said “Read a system from SD Card and Run the system Loading appication Failed ….. ” Hopefully the service dept. of the store I bought it will be able to repair it. The tech guy at Korg said it was probably an internal hardware problem.

  4. Now what my Korg Krome starts up with vertical lines of several & Drum and Adjust buttons. Tried the EXIT PAGE RESET with no change…

    • Charles Lynden

      After moving the keyboard it worked again must have been a loose connection….waiting for it to happen again…..

  5. Robert Blumenthal

    I had a problem where my keyboard wouldn’t boot up at all. It had a message that said that I needed to load the operating system from an SD card, but it wouldn’t read that. Because Korg technicians determined that it was probably a hardware problem, they gave me a new keyboard to replace the defective one. So far, so good.

  6. I realize that it’s a little late in the game as far as this subject (just found this website, while Goog’ing this same error message), and I’m not sure just how germane this may be to the discussion that took place, but are any of you aware that Krome has an SD card in it?

    I say “SD card in it” for a reason – might have something to do with the problem discussed, if what I think IS true –

  7. I just had a problem with my Korg Krome not being able to boot up, after 1 year and 1 month of owning it, I got extended warranty, as far as I know Korg is working on my keyboard, I am dissapointed because I thought I bought a keyboard that is a reliable as the Tritons are, I have my doubts about Krome now !

  8. Facing problem while booting Korg Krome “Read a system from SD Card and Run the system Loading appication Failed…” Anyone who can help me out ?