Krome acoustic piano sounds beautiful in the right hands

what say you?

7 Responses to Krome acoustic piano sounds beautiful in the right hands

  1. Is there anyway to find out which sounds he is using?

    • I thought these were the stock Krome piano sounds?

      • I’ve got a Krome and these pianos doesn’t sound like on my Krome. Why????? Does he use a equalizer?????

        • As with most keyboards, many of the sounds are designed to be heard in stereo. In Mono they are never going to sound as rich as they should. However you can tweak the presets you mostly use on stage so that they do sound fine in mono. Sometimes you need to adapt to whatever is available?

  2. I agree. Actually, the Krome’s acoustic piano is my “go to” piano over all of my Kontakt & Logic ones. If only Korg would release the 64bit plugin editor.

  3. Nice pianos. Still not sure if I should go for the Krome or the Kronos. Massive price difference but side by side the Kronos does sound somewhat richer. I’m guessing price will win out in the end though 😉

  4. In stereo this sounds pretty good, but in mono if you use just one speaker on stage sounds like a toy.