What is that button for???

korg krome record play buttons on screen

Oddly, pressing this button does nothing but make a BEEP sound. However, if you press it and drag it to the left, viola, SEQUENCER TRANSPORT BUTTONS on the screen! Granted the buttons are small and not very practical (unless you have very small digits), but for those who prefer the touchscreen over the hard buttons, this post is for you

Oops: Early hardware problems for Krome?

korg krome screen error

At least three different people have posted to the Krome forum reporting error messages on the Krome’s screen. At least one person is reporting an irremediable error:¬†System error id : 216 Task id : 1 line : 0124 //source/hardware/T01PCMMemory.cpp. Check the attached image of his touch screen. See that little white patch? That’s the error message. Notice the progress bar has stopped at about 5%. This is not a good sign (especially for a guy who lives in Switzerland Sweden who bought his Krome in Germany). Hopefully Korg has a hot fix for this issue.