Using your Krome as a MIDI controller

The Krome makes a fairly good MIDI controller for computer DAWs. Recently I kept running into the issue though where the keyboard was playing both internal VST sounds AND its own sounds. Grrr. This should be a simple operation in which you turn off the keyboard’s local control feature so it only plays sounds of external MIDI instruments. Problem was, I couldn’t find the LOCAL ON/OFF switch in the Krome. So I looked it up in the manual. It’s hidden well and requires multiple menus to locate. Press GLOBAL button, followed by PAGE button, followed by P1 MIDI soft button, then UNCHECK the LOCAL CONTROL ON button. Done.

5 Responses to Using your Krome as a MIDI controller

  1. Charles Lynden

    One way to determine any key operation is to use a midi recorder program and record the controller changes. They should show up on the program score. I use Cakewalk software…

    Note the output must be turned on in the in the Krome Global settings…

  2. That’s a bit convoluted! Why don’t they just have a midi settings page where you can do all these things? Surely one of the plus points of any touch screen display is to make the whole thing user friendly? Anyway, thanks for pointing this out.

  3. I’ve found it easier to just turn the volume knob down. I know it’s kind low tech but I like the freedom of being able to float back and forth between hardware and plugin sounds when creating.

    • Odie, yes, that works, but not if you have an active MIDI part in your DAW that you want to hear as you overdub. Often times I hold off on rendering MIDI tracks until I am done arranging so I need to hear the, e.g., Krome piano part as I play a bass line using Gladiator. I now just keep the LOCAL ON/OFF screen up and toggle it on and off as I need to.